Traceability Systems

The problems associated with counterfeit goods in all industries have resulted in substantial losses in revenue throughout the world. This applies to all products, but these losses can be particularly damaging when it comes to goods either difficult to tag or to quantify. The successful management of intellectual property (IP) involves ensuring the controlled legal application of innovative technology in the market place. Therefore, Biogold International (Biogold) has partnered several companies around the world to develop new traceability systems that will revolutionise the way we manage horticultural IP in the future. Gesvatec™ and Biotag™ are two new innovative traceability systems that offer the following advantages to IP owners and users:

These systems give a wide range of benefits to all value chain participants:

Breeders and innovators can be assured of control and revenue streams for products and growers are assured of not competing with illegal producers in the market place.

Source validation;
Marked produce provides all parties in the value add chain with the ability to trace produce from any point in the delivery of product to the market.

Visual passports;
Box-end labelling provides retailers with validation of produce origin, ensuring it is not illegal.

Volume control;
Management agents, breeders, packers etc who participate in the value chain have access to immediate an accurate volume controls.

Royalty collection;
IP managers are able to easily verify volumes of product. This, in turn, offers an economy of administration.

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