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Biogold International is a group intellectual property management companies specialising in horticultural products and the horticulture sector.

Biogold has created a worldwide network of companies and partnerships in seven regions of the world, namely North and South America, The European Union, India, China, Africa and Australia. Subsidiary companies and partnerships are currently based in Bakersfield, California in the USA, Santiago in Chile, Seville in Spain, Mumbai in India, Hong Kong for China, Stellenbosch in South Africa and in Torbanlea, Australia. Biogold offers a one-stop platform for innovators in horticultural research and its development sectors, especially with regard to the commercialisation new products.

The company aims to offer plant breeders and researchers the opportunity to fast track the commercial implementation of their new innovations and to maximise returns. Simultaneously, Biogold has a strong commitment to the responsible management of the environment.

The Biogold International group of companies is involved in the worldwide commercialisation of citrus and sub-tropical fruits, berries and nuts, biological control products, biofuel genetic material, cut flowers and traceability systems.

The Biogold group of companies represents the commercial interests of leading research institutions in the Australia, Argentina, Chile, France, Israel, Italy, India, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and the USA. Biogold International partners a number of large-scale commercial agricultural businesses. It functions as an outsourced research and development vehicle for these businesses. This, in turn, enables producers to access the latest technology within their respective fields of specialisation.

The Biogold group also employs the services of a core group of expert panelists/consultants. Biogold thus has access to international expertise from across the globe for the various product types in which it specialises. Biogold manages the whole value chain from the researcher to the market. Being involved in all facets of development and commercialisation means Biogold can offer sustainable and equitable returns to all risk takers. Subsidiary companies are able to secure intellectual property (IP) within their respective regions and accelerate the pace of commercialisation through the provision of technology to other regions. A combination of using standardised evaluation methods, sharing of applied technologies specific to new products, applying uniform legal control and creating world product and trademark management alliances, allows for the focused and successful commercialisation of all new products by the Biogold group.

The continuous supply of top-quality horticultural produce, grown in the most suitable environments, by the best growers in the world, on a sustainable environmental basis, is an integral part of the Biogold International commercialisation strategy. Around the world, the Biogold team consists of a dedicated group of passionate commercial, scientific and administrative managers, all of whom have the expertise to guarantee successful commercialisation of new horticultural IP.

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